Friday, February 10, 2017

The Art of Asia

Happy Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster! Using Chinese New Year as our starting point, the 1st grade and 2nd grade found inspiration in the art of China. The first graders learned about the importance of dragons in the Chinese culture. The third graders studied authentic Chinese landscapes. Please enjoy this art from a variety of 1st and 3rd grade classes.

Mason G-1

Julian G-1

Jax G-1

Daniel G-1

Zalen G-1

Deanie M-1

Valeria G-1

Selah G-1

Sage M-1

Coco G-1

Jadyn G-1

Maeve J-1

Caison J-1

Case J-1

Caiden M-1

Maria M-1

Ben J-1

Layla M-1

Cade S-1

Quinn S-1

Jansen S-1

Abby S-1

Jowl S-1

Finn S-1

Savannah S-1

Avery S-1

Kayleigh Dy-3

Portress Dy-3

Eva Dy-3

Taryn Dy-3

Leighton H-3

Addison H-3

Lola H-3

Chole H-3

Jaden H-3

Silas B-3

Payton B-3

Charlotte B-3

Lucas B-3

Clare B-3

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