Friday, January 27, 2017

Have a Heart!

This week has been all about hearts! What do you expect from a teacher named Mrs.Valentine? Students from 1st through 5th grades viewed the artwork of artist, Jim Dine, who is known for his large paintings of hearts. Then, we linked hearts to each grade's individual art curriculum. Jim Dine is an American artist so that fits with what 5th graders study of Pop Art. Our 4th graders use imagery from North Carolina as inspiration for art. So, how about using a heart and a map of North Carolina in a collage? First grade is getting familiar with all of the forms of art, so why not make a paper strip sculpture of hearts? Third grade and second grades learned a little about symmetry and the line of symmetry while making heart collages.  Please enjoy these pictures of two bulletin boards loaded with the fruits of our labor this week!