Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome Back to Art Class!

Welcome back to the art experience with ME, Mrs. Valentine! This is the place where I post art happenings, spotlight student artwork and share art room news throughout the school year.

Here are some important pieces of information to start the year:
-If you care about your clothes, bring an art shirt to school. This can be just a basic T-shirt that is a little big so that it fits over the clothes easily.

-This year we will be keeping a "mini portfolio" rather than the large portfolios.  This mini portfolio will be different for the various grade levels, but will contain things like assessments, practice papers and sketches.

-After artwork comes down from being displayed, it will be sent home.

-Some art may stay in the art room for a longer period so that it can be entered into the county art show in January.

That's enough for now!  Can't wait to see my peeps this week! Have a great first week!!!!