Friday, December 11, 2015

Urban Communities

Even though the weather here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina doesn't feel like winter currently, we are still in the spirit!  Our 1st graders have been learning about communities in their classroom, so why not make an art project with a community theme?  
As part of the North Carolina visual arts curriculum, 1st graders learn about the different types of pictures that artists create.  We have been discussing frequently the differences between seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, self portraits and still life.  Some of these types of pictures are perfect for opening up a discussion of types of communities.

Please enjoy they following "Winter Cityscapes" created by students from all 3 of our 1st grade classes!  

Elizabeth G-1

Myla G-1

Kai G-1

Haley G-1

Shelby G-1

Josh G-1

Henry J-1

Gabby J-1

Iris J-1

Emmett J-1

Makenna J-1

Shelby J-1

Ellery J-1

Tevia S-1

Violet S-1

Hugh S-1

Alexa J-1

Anthony S-1

Lila S-1

Sydney S-1