Thursday, November 19, 2015

Food and Art

Who doesn't love food? Historically many artists have drawn inspiration from food for their art.  My students are no different.  We have used food to inspire us for the last 2 weeks.  Please enjoy the following examples of student art from the classes of Dyer, King and Sakers.  Try not to let your mouth water!

Vance D-3

Raegan D-3

Ella D-3

Mason D-3

Claire D-3

Joseph D-3

Buddy D-3

Tyler K-3

Cameron K-3

Ayla K-3

Riley K-3

Blake K-3

Allie S-5

Madelyn P S-5

Nick S-5

Cadence S-5

Isaac S-5

Michael S-5

Lydia S-5

Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Positive and Negative Space by 4th Grade

Recently the 4th graders learned about positive and negative space as part of the Element of Art "Space".  We discussed that the space in an art work where there isn't anything (negative space) is just as important as the space where is something (positive space).  To add a little punch to this project, we added a little texture to a background paper and then cut out a fish shape from another piece of paper...We used the space that was left behind and glued it over the textured paper.  The result was a little bit of a mind game!  Enjoy these works from all three 4th grade classes.

Paul H-4

Hailey R P-4

Cam H-4

Melaina P-4

Gray P-4

Annabelle S-4

Helen S-4

Friday, November 6, 2015

Musical Art

Please excuse my long absence from this blog.  I've missed spotlighting art created by my very talented students.  Sometimes you must step back from your routine and take time to help family.

Please enjoy these fabulous Guitar Collages created by Ms. Davis's 5th Grade class.  Music and visual art make such a wonderful combination.  Many artists, such as Pablo Picasso, used musical instruments as inspiration for art.  Looks like these 5th graders were definitely inspired!  They also learned that collage can take many forms and can contain materials other than paper.