Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Magic of Art Journaling

This week's blog post is a kind of commercial, but an important one.

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Ms. Valentine

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What can you do with a line?

My 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have been answering the question, "What Can You Do with a Line?".  The answer in short is, a lot!  The opening of the drawing center has inspired some very unique and authentic art from my students.  Please enjoy the variety of art and words from the KHES art studio! These are the work of students from the classes of Dyer and Whitehurst.

This is based on my favorite movie about a girl surfer and a shark attack.  The setting is on a beach in Hawaii.  By Claire Meads

I know that the wind looks like a spiral.  The tornado looks like loopy lines.  I added a little green in my picture because I read a book about tornadoes that said that tornadoes have an ugly green color.  By Anneliese Heyder

I wanted to do a sunset picture and I thought how I could use lines.  I thought of my favorite line, the spiral.  I wanted to do a lot of spirals in my picture.  I also wanted to use some animals in it. by Nora Downing

I made the stars out of straight lines.  The lighthouse has lines.  I was thinking of drawing the beach and just thought of the lighthouse with its lines. I used wavy lines for the water.  By Ella Skibo

I just let my pencil take me wherever it wanted to go. This is done in my art style called wavy circles. by Boden Dodson

I used lines by making the net and the rim of the basketball hoop.  I made lines on my basketball.  I used lines as wind because the ball is moving fast.  I drew fire coming from the basketball.  The title of this drawing is “Fast and Furious”. By Matthew Mercer

I used line by doing all different kinds of lines in different places.  It’s an imaginary place.  The title of this drawing is “The Windy Hills”. By Gavin Leano

I kinda just wanted to make something that people usually think of as bland and make it more colorful.  The title of this would be “Blocks”. By Zoe Kane

I drew the sun with a template. I used swirls for waves and curved lines for the cloud.  I used light blue and white pastels for the water and orange, pink and blue for the sunset.  The title is “Morning Waves”.  By Rylee Smeltzer

My picture is a landscape.  It’s a little before night time.  I used pink, orange and blue pastel in the sky to make a sunset. I like waterfalls.  My title for this artwork is “Waterfall”. By Cam Van Lunen

This picture of a house and a lake. I used chalk pastels. The title of this work is “My House”. By Jacob Gray

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Creative Process

I'm really excited about a new approach I am using in art class this year.  I think the kids are liking it too.  Students are learning how to be a little more independent.

This week our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have continued work in the drawing center.  Developing a personal creative process and making good choices with art media are the focus this year in art class. Students are also getting the opportunity to present their artwork in progress as a reflective practice as well as a way to share their creative process with the class.  

Here is a sample of what we do at the end of most classes.  This is Alexa from Mrs. Childress's 3rd grade class.  Unfortunately, the drawing is difficult to see but her words are what make this video so awesome!

And here is Hunter from the same class answering questions about his dragon.  It's a nice chance for other students to compliment his work too!

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's All About Lines

Line is the most essential element of art.  We see lines everywhere. As my students are easing back into art class, we have been having some fun with lines and warming up our drawing skills.  The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are beginning to use the drawing center and learning how to make good choices in the creative process.  This week they used the theme of "line" to create a wide variety of drawings. The kindergartners,  1st and 2nd grades got a chance review types of lines and create their own free line drawing. Please enjoy this assortment of  drawings by the classes of Gray, Robinson and Mouser.
by Sugeyli R-2

by Abby R-2

by Charlotte R-2

by Coco R-2

by Ethan R-2

by Jaden R-2

by Tadhg R-2

by Callie G-1

by Kai G-1

by Wes G-1

by Shelby G-1

by Lola M-2

by Chloe M-2

by Minna Kate M-2

by Sam M-2

by Sarah M-2

Next Week:
K, 1st and 2nd will get to see Mr. Paintbrush again and practice painting lines.
3rd, 4th and 5th  will continue their work in the drawing center and learn about an artist call Paul Klee.