Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Earth is My Home

This week marked the culmination of a project that was conceptualized during last year's Earth Day projects in my classroom.  

The Back Story:
My husband is a building contractor.  One of the parts of his job that he despises is the amount of waste on each job site.  It seems that everything is delivered in a box.  The windows, doors, appliances, cabinets, plumbing supplies, etc. come to the house in boxes.  All of these boxes end up in the construction dumpster on most job sites.  However, my sweet man minimizes this by breaking down the boxes and recycling them whenever possible.  Sadly, this is a rarity.  Most job sites do not recycle.

One day as I watched him unload some broken down cardboard boxes from his truck into our recycling can (at first I grumble about this and think, "Now, where will we put our recycling?! but then realize the big picture), I think to myself...There's got to be an art project in that cardboard!  Then, I thought, "All of that cardboard comes from homes being built.  We recycle to take better care of the earth...our house is our little home but the earth is our BIG home!  The Earth is Our Home!  That's it!  I'll have all of my students make a house using the cardboard we recycled from homes being built!"  So there you have it....The birth of a creative idea. 

I collected cardboard for a year so I would have enough for all students to participate in this project.  As I collected it, I would cut it into small pieces.  As Earth Day got nearer I then asked the staff at KHES to bring me their toilet paper rolls as well.  Toilet paper rolls are great for cutting and constructing.  My staff is awesome and they use a lot of toilet paper! lol!

All of that collecting paid off this week.  Our halls have been transformed into a little recycled community. The houses were created by all kindergarten through 4th graders and our 5th graders worked in small groups to create some very fabulous, whimsical recycled cardboard trees.  The result is heartwarming and quite gratifying.  My pictures of the walls do not do the project justice.  You must see the display in person and I encourage you to do so if you can.  So here are a few pics from the week.  Featured here are some pics of Mr. Saker's 5th graders working on the trees and some shots of the halls.  Also, a very sweet pic of Ethan W. and Michael from Ms. Smith's class. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Do You Know Roy G. Biv?

Why fight it? Our minds are on Spring, so why not create art about Spring?  Spring is so inspiring after the long dark winter.  While searching for that pot of gold under the rainbow of St. Patrick's Day, we started talking about color in a scientific way.  Did you know that if you take the first letter of each color as appears in the rainbow you spell "Roy G. Biv"?  That's how we can remember the order of the colors of the rainbow or the "spectrum" as scientists call it.  The spectrum of the rainbow is always in white light but our eyes mix the colors together.  We need either a prism or rain and sun to separate the colors for us....

In the art room we like to think of Roy G. Biv as a super hero.  What would the world look like without him?  Please enjoy these torn paper collage rainbows by the first grade classes of Gray and Sigler.
Liam G-1

Beau G-1

Lucie G-1

Brooke G-1

Peyton G-1

Kingston S-1

Skyler S-1

Emerson S-1

Mady S-1

Christopher S-1