Friday, February 27, 2015

It's All About Me

Lately, the students of KHES have been drawing their own self portraits.  We looked at self portraits by artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and Norman Rockwell.  We talked about proportion and how to place the facial features in the correct location on the face.

We also used our self portraits as a leaping off point to telling the world a little about ourselves.  Please enjoy these very creative self portraits from the 3rd Grade classes of Jernigan,  Bender and Childress.

May B-3

Caroline B-3

Melaina B-3

Molly B-3

Heath B-3

Nathan B-3

Pia B-3

Breanne C-3

Keegan C-3

Rylan C-3

Elena C-3

Cam C-3

Lacy C-3

Maia C-3

Anna J-3

Bowen J-3

Carson J-3

Kayla J-3

Isaac J-3

Brennan J-3

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Have a Heart for Art

February brings not only Valentine's Day (my favorite holiday for obvious reasons), but also The American Heart Association's Jump Rope 4 Heart campaign.  Each year Coach D works hard to raise our students' (as well as the adults in their lives) awareness of heart health with the Jump Rope for Heart celebration.

In art class this week, we jumped for joy while the first and second graders practiced their chalk pastel skills making heart art.  Please enjoy the work from the classes of Sigler and Robinson.

Brooklyn S-1

Leighton S-1

Jeremy S-1

Allie S-1

Bryson R-2

Claire R-2

Buddy R-2

Nora R-2

Billy R-2

Marley R-2

Ms. V :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

So, It's Been a While...

The month of January is a crazy time.  I have this to attribute my limited blog entries this month.  One of the items that has kept me busy is preparing for the Dare County Schools Student Art Show.  The show is at Glen Eure's Ghostfleet Gallery in Nags Head and I urge you to go see it.  While the reception and opening have passed, it is actually more beneficial to view the show on a different day.  Attendance to the show is so massive (thankfully!) that it difficult to really take the time to look at the student work.  Here are the gallery hours.
Gallery hours  Feb 3rd - Feb 14th
Monday-Friday 12-5  &  Saturday 10-4

Due to the coziness of the gallery, we are limited to how many pieces we can display.  This year I spotlighted 28 students.  Here are some pictures from the opening reception. Enjoy!

Logan and Noah