Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MoRe PiCaSsO ArT!

Picasso inspired us all so much!  Here are some more samples of student art from the Picasso unit.  These samples are from Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade.  Kindergarten studied Picasso's clown paintings, 1st and 2nd grades focused on Picasso's Cubism Portraits that showed the profile view and front view in one picture and 3rd Grade focused on the Cubism concept of multiple view points in one picture in a puzzle format. 

 The Art work featured is from the classes of Cuthrell, Childress, Crook, Smith, Hendricks, and Farrell. Enjoy!

By Julianna C-1

By Joseph C-1 

By Anneliese C-1

By Vance c-1

By Landon c-1

By Ansley c-1

By Hunter C-3

By Brigid C-3

By Emma C-3

By Lily L C-3

By Pia C-2

By Luke C-2

By Bobby C-2

By Austin K-Smith

By Parker K-Smith

By Addison K-Smith

By Madisyn K-Smith

By Lincoln K-Hendricks

 By Brody K-Hendricks

By Silas K-Hendricks

By Isaiah K-Hendricks

By Connor K-Farrell

By Hayley K-Farrell

By Ethan K-Farrell

By Stella K-Farrell

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Picasso Fun

We are finishing Picasso Week! I'm sad that it's almost over.  Picasso is such a fun artist to study.  My students enjoyed being able to "break the rules" a little.  Picasso is a multifaceted,  artist so we simply focused on his style called Cubism.  Picasso really shocked the art world with this style of creating movement in portraits by portraying multiple views in one picture.  However, we discussed in class how we can learn to appreciate an artist's style, if we understand what he or she is trying to say.  

Here are a few pictures of our 4th Graders' Picasso Style relief sculptures created from cardboard.

By Riley S. P-4

By Maggie M. P-4

By Fiona M. P-4

By McKenna P. P-4

By Michael  P-4

By Leah P-4

By London P-4

By Bailey P-4

By Noah S. P-4

By Ella H-4

By Alex H-4

By Virginia H-4

By Jada H-4

By Callie H-4

By Evan H-4

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Look Back, Then Look Forward

Happy New Year to all!  Each New Year we take time to look back over the past year and set our sights toward the future year.  As I look back over the past year, I notice that my teaching is always changing and exploring new territory.  This is my barometer.  I always want to be a mover and a groover, not  stagnate, stale.  With that in mind, as I look forward to the second part of the school year, my teaching will continue to evolve.   That's not to say that I won't revisit the good lessons of the past.  There will just be a new spin on things.  And, of course, I will continue to stick to my original intention I set back in the summer when I started this blog:  Integration...(integration with my interests and the student's interests, that's where it's at!)

The art room is collecting toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, newspaper, and brown paper bags ALWAYS!  Send these items in when you think of it. Thank You in advance.

Dare County Schools Annual Student Art Show
As usual, KHES will have art in this show.  Letters about the show and reception will go home with the students who have art in the show the week we return from holiday break.

Location of the Show:  Glen Eure's Ghostfleet Gallery in Nags Head
Art Show Dates:
Saturday, January 11th-Sunday, January 19th
Sunday, January 12th 2:00-4:00 (I'll be there!)

When you visit school. you will notice the hallways have been transformed into the winter woods! Check out the following samples.

The week we return to school will be Picasso (revisited) Week!  All students will create a Picasso Style Portrait and learn about Picasso in a little more depth.

By Natalie R-2

By Zoe C-3

By Annie S-1

By Lauren W-5

By Emaline S-1

By Chloe A C-3

By Henry D-5

By Maura C-3

By Samantha W-5