Thursday, September 26, 2013


This week the entire student body learned about texture.  It was great fun to go out side to find textures with Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.  We talked about both "tactile texture" and "implied texture".  As many students said to me at the end of the texture lessons, "Texture is everywhere!"  Part of thinking like an artist and behaving like an artist is observing the world around you and taking mental notes of what you find.

Please enjoy these pictures of our "Texture Adventures" this week.

Next week we will finish some of our "Texture Inspired" art work in art class.  Also, Ms. Valentine is heading to the big city of Raleigh for the North Carolina Art Education Association Staff Development Conference. Woo Hoo!  Watch out! Ms. Valentine will be recharged and on fire with inspiration when she returns.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Art of Painting

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The Art of Painting

This week we opened the painting center in art class. Students were encouraged to explore the Element of Art, LINE.  A line is a dot that moves on your paper.  Line is the most basic art element. All art contains line in some way. Opening the painting center provides an excellent chance to review LINE and also the basic use and care of MR. PAINTBRUSH.  Even my 5th Graders chuckle at remembering our first talk about MR. PAINTBRUSH way back in Kindergarten.   

Here is what we know about MR. PAINTBRUSH:

Things he likes:
1. PAINTING! Of course. 
2.  Good Hair Days: this is when his hair stands up nice an straight.
3.  Taking a bath: between colors so the colors don't mix in the jars.

Things he doesn't like:
1.  Getting his hair pulled or twisted: what good is a bald paintbrush?
2.  Bad Hair Days:  Having his head smashed hard onto the paper or the paint jar. This bends the hair bristles in the wrong direction.

As you take a look at our study of lines and paint below, enjoy the progression of skills across the grade levels.

Ms. Bender's 3rd Grade

By Kaylie

By Bodie

By Elijah

By Lydia

 Ms. Crook's 2nd Grade

By Makayla

By Sydney

By Brennan

Ms. Hutton's 4th Grade

By Alex

By Zoe

By Abby

By Callie

Ms. Whitehurst 5th Grade

By Lexi

By Noah

By Luke

By Samantha

Next Week will be all about the Element of Art: Texture! The texture center will be wide open. We will differentiate between "actual or tactile" textures and "implied" textures. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades will go on a hunt for textures indoors and outdoors if the weather cooperates. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Art of Collage

The Art of Collage

This week brought the opening of the Collage Center.  We were all excited about "amping up" the messy factor a bit.  The featured artist at this center is, of course, Henri Matisse.  Students learned a little about Matisse's collage called Beasts of the Sea and his use of "organic shapes".

Please enjoy the following collages created in art class this week: 

Ms. Hendricks Kindergarten

By Clare

By Lincoln

By Ari

Ms. Gray's 1st Grade

By Cody

By Dale

By Alyssa
By Sawyer

Ms. King's 2nd Grade

By Ellie

By Jason

By Dylan

By Helen

 Another new addition to our art program this year is the "Indie Art Gallery".  This gallery is in the hall outside the art rooms door.  Featured in this gallery is artwork that is created independently at the various media centers in the art room.  This art is "pure kid"!  Enjoy these samples that are currently hanging.

By Ezra Y-3

By Natalie R-2

By Max J-3

By Skylar J-3

I invite you to walk by the art room to see the rest!  

Next Week:  The opening of the Painting Center with the featured artist Pablo Picasso!  The art room will be Picasso's Playground...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome to Mondrian Mansion!

This week the art room was transformed into Mondrian Mansion.  All students Kindergarten through 5th Grade learned about Piet Mondrian. Mondrian is the perfect artist to discuss at the beginning of the school year because his art is simple.  His bold black lines and his use of a simple color palette (the primary colors) offer a great opportunity to review and learn more about the Elements of Art.

Behold! Some beautiful studies of Piet Mondrian's style of art!

1st Grade Mondrian Collages

by Emaline S-1
By Boden S-1

By Mer S-1

5th Grade Mondrian Designed Shapes

By Cecile D-5
B y Gabi D-5
By Henry D-5

By Gavran D-5
By Krickett D-5

2nd Grade Mondrian Inspired Drawings

By Bowen R-2

By Isaac R-2

By Cam R-2

Next Week: The Collage Center will be opened and all students will learn about Henri Matisse.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

...And They're Off!

The first week of art in Ms. Valentine's room is all about learning procedures and checking out what's new in the art room. 

The biggest new thing in the art room is The Drawing Center! We have spent the first week of school exploring the drawing center and creating our first art of the year. For the next few weeks, Ms. Valentine will be gradually be opening different centers in the room.  At these centers, students will be allowed to freely explore their own, individual artistic process.  Some of the centers soon to be opened are painting, collage, sculpture, and weaving/sewing centers!  The kids are really excited about this fresh new expansion of the art room.

The week after Labor Day weekend will bring Piet Mondrian Week.  The art room will be transformed into the "Mondrian Mansion".  All students will learn about Piet Mondrian as I weave in knowledge of the elements of design, line and color.  Be sure to stay tuned to see the products of Mondrian week in the hallway and on this blog. If you happen to read this before your child comes to art class, take a moment to look up Mondrian online and read about him together.  I would love to hear about what you know in art class!