Sunday, August 25, 2013

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year and Greetings from the KHES Art Department!

This new year brings lots of new changes in the art room.  My theme for this new year and hopefully many years to come is Authenticity.  I am excited about my approach to learning this year.  Students will be encouraged to take charge of their art experiences.  I will be teaching my students how to think and behave like artists.

To kick off the school year, I created a bulletin board that features qualities of the left and right brain.  We all have a few from both sides but often we tend to favor one side or the other.

 Do you favor one side of your brain?

Guess which side of the brain "yours truly" operates from.

Any-hoo, I plan to post lots of pics of both our art in progress and finished products this year so I hope you will click on "follow" over there on the right so I know you are interested!  Update should occur at least once a week. ~Namaste